Just Say NO To The Anti-Labor Secretary

Donald Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary—fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder—is anything but the ally working people need. The millionaire opposes meaningful increases to the minimum wage and overtime pay. He’s lined his own pockets while cheating his employees at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr, violating the same laws he would oversee as Labor Secretary. Puzder demeans women with his sexist ads and comments, and 66 percent of women working at his restaurants report unwanted sexual harassment. Without a doubt, Puzder will make workplaces worse. For more information about Puzder’s record, check out http://antilaborsecretary.org/

Make sure your Senators know you oppose fast-food boss Andrew Puzder for Labor Secretary. Call 1-844-612-6113 today!

There’s no time to spare. The Senate is likely to hold its first hearing on Puzder this month and a confirmation vote is likely to follow soon after. We’re joining with an unprecedented coalition of workers around the country to make our voices heard and stop the Anti-Labor Secretary from coming into office and doing any more damage to working people.

Join us today by clicking here or calling 1-844-612-6113 to reach both of your senators. After you’re connected to one of your senator’s offices, tell whomever answers that you want the senator to vote NO on Andrew Puzder’s confirmation as Secretary of Labor.

Here’s a sample script to use when making the call:

“Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME] and as a resident of {CITY, STATE}, I am calling to urge the Senator to vote against confirming Andrew Puzder as Secretary of Labor, as he will make workplaces worse.

He has a history of violating labor laws and cheating the people who work for his restaurants out of their pay. He opposes minimum wage and overtime pay increases and continually puts profits ahead of people. He has a history of running sexist ads and demeaning women. He’s not the advocate we need in the Department of Labor. Thanks for your hard work answering the phones!”

We expect phone lines may be busy at times. Don’t be discouraged – it’s a great sign that phones are ringing off the hook. Just please try calling back a little later to get through.

It’s imperative that our senators hear from us IMMEDIATELY and understand why they must vote NO on Puzder’s nomination. Click here or call 1-844-612-6113 now!

PS: If your Senator’s mailbox is full or you can’t get through, please call one of their state offices. You can look up those local office numbers here.