Newest Local 24 Journeymen Celebrated Apprenticeship Graduation in July

IMG_6908Where do the best new electricians come from?
They come from a union apprenticeship program!

Local 24 congratulates the newly-minted Journeyman Wiremen in this video, who “topped out” this year. May they enjoy a long, rewarding career in the electrical industry, and stay safe on the job and off.

The members of the Summer 2015 graduating class of the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee program for the Maryland Electrical Industry are:

Balfour E. Albacarys-Roop Christopher M. Griffith David R. Oberlin
Christopher S. Allen Jason E. Hare Michael A. Pace
Jamal W. Austin Keith T. Hood, Jr. Brogan M. Paolini
Joseph M. Baker Philip P. Johns, Jr. Andreas V. Psaromatis
Stephen M. Berger Sean P. Karwacki Jason M. Roberts
Lawrence P. Blevins Daniel J. Kaskel Gilbert C. Robinson
Matthew B. Bradford Gavin P. Kelly Artem Rochitskiy
Major A. Byrd, Jr. Jacob C. Lacey Chad D. Rutherford
Jason L. Camphor Chad M. Lehmann Chad A. Stark
Allen M. Capps William P. Lissauer Augustine J. Velenovsky
Ryan P. Connelly Robert L. Lovett, Jr. Andrew D. Voigt
Richard H. Eveson, Jr. Michael S. McFarland II Donte L. Ward
Jonathan V. Fletcher Patrick J. McNamara Adam J. Whidby
Joseph R. Frazier Jason A. Miller Matthew D. Zembower, Jr
Dwayne T. Gardner, Jr.


The Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee for the Maryland Electrical Industry is sponsored by IBEW Local 24 and the Maryland Chapter of the National Association of Electrical Contractors.

View photos from the graduation ceremony below and learn more about our training opportunities here.