WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW! Protect Our Apprenticeship Program

It only takes 5 minutes to click on the link below and tell the U.S. Labor Department not to destroy our apprenticeship program!


The I.B.E.W., along with many other building trade unions, have created apprenticeship programs that produce tradespeople with the best training and most up-to-date technical knowledge in their fields. These programs are registered with, and overseen by, state and federal Labor Departments in order to guarantee that standards remain high and curriculum keeps pace with industry advancement.  Our apprenticeship programs are the key to allowing our union, our contractors and our members to continue to thrive in a healthy and growing electrical industry.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is finalizing a regulation that will allow companies and industries to establish and recognize their own “apprenticeship programs” that would not be closely monitored and regulated by the DOL. These Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs, or IRAPs, are one of the latest examples of allowing the foxes to guard the henhouse. Companies will be free to cut corners and lower standards in the name of increasing their profits.

Currently, the construction industry is excluded from the new IRAP regulation, and we want to make sure our industry is excluded from the final version, too.

PLEASE click on the link above and use our quick and easy tool to send a letter to the DOL, telling them that you think IRAPs should be kept out of the construction industry.

The future of our apprenticeship programs